Blog: 2010 Military Pay Calculator Now Available

January 11, 2010
By Henry Kenyon

Service members and their families can now determine what their pay will be at specific duty locations thanks to and After inputting specific criteria, users can use the tool to accurately predict their pay and allowances based on year and job.

Military pay increased by 3.4 percent in 2010. The tool is being offered to enable service members and their spouses to improve financial planning. In addition, service organizations that assist military families will use the tool to assist their clients in estimating income and managing finances.

The site requires service members or their family members to indicate the pay grade, branch, years of service and dependents' status. By including additional information, they also can view the amount they will receive in pay for items such as sea pay, submarine pay, housing allowance, hardship duty pay and imminent danger/hostile file pay. A description of how to read a Leave and Earning Statement also is available on the site.

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SFC 17 years pay living in Artesia, NM deploying with Devens, MA

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