Homefront Help: KidsLink Downrange

September 16, 2010
By Rita Boland

This service project matches people who want to support military families with the military families who need a lift. Through the effort, volunteers create Card Kits that are supplied to military children with deployed parents. The children can mail the cards to help keep in touch with and boost the morale of the nation's overseas warfighters. The project offers groups the flexibility to make or buy cards, though all must be able to ship for the cost of a first-class stamp. The kits are sent to specific locations and needed at certain times during the year. The website offers a wide range of information for interested visitors such as a picture of a typical Card Kit, instructions for participating and details about how the finished kits are distributed to military children. To get involved, the most far-reaching approach is to become a KidsLink Project Coordinator and gather a group to create Card Kits. The KidsLink for Groups page has more information about that volunteer effort. It costs approximately $2.50 to coordinate supplying the Card Kits to families, and donations are accepted to help cover costs. Individuals can join the Community Forums to learn more about activities in their area, starting groups or sharing resources. Feedback is accepted through the site's contact form. Homefront Help also has a Facebook page where visitors can gather and share information.

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Hi Rita and Signal Scape,
Thanks for highlighting the KidsLink Downrange project. We've extended the pledge deadline for the current CUSTOM project until November 1, 2010. If anyone reading this is wondering, we would love more participation.

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