Cool App-titude: Army Resiliency App

July 5, 2011
By Rachel Eisenhower

This free app for iPhone and iPad helps soldiers set personal goals and become more resilient in overcoming challenges. Created by a team at the Maneuver Center of Excellence and Signal Center of Excellence, the Resiliency App provides a mobile version of the U.S. Army's Resilience Goals Book [PDF download] under the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program. The app allows users to set goals within their personal beliefs and set up e-reminders to stay on track. In addition, soldiers can email supervisors directly with details on their progress. Sam Rhodes, the action officer responsible for creating the app, says goal setting is the best way to enhance performance and create resilient soldiers. In the three weeks since the Army released the app, downloads have nearly tripled. Download the app from the iTunes App Store. An Android version will be released in July. These sites are not affiliated with AFCEA or SIGNAL Magazine, and we are not responsible for the content or quality of the products offered. When visiting new websites, please use proper Internet security procedures.

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