Cool App-titude: Skitch

November 8, 2011
By Rachel Eisenhower

The free Skitch app from Evernote Corporation lets you annotate, edit and save your photos and scribbles. Draw over a picture with arrows, shapes and text, and then save your work or share it through other apps.

You can use the app to zoom and crop images; create lines and scribbles to explain an idea; add text; draw with a highlighter tool; edit and delete your work as you go; and share the content with any program that accepts images.

Use the app at work to snap a picture of a whiteboard or meeting document and sketch your notes for later review. Take a fun photo with friends, add doodles over the top and post it to Twitter or Facebook. Download images attached to an email, add your notes and send them back.

Download the free app from the Android Market. In addition, the application is available for Mac computers.

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