U.S. Army Awards $881 Million Radar Contract

March 2, 2012
By George Seffers

The U.S. Army Product Manager for Radars recently awarded a contract to Lockheed Martin for the AN/TPQ-53 Firefinder Radar. The award is a firm fixed price contract for $881 million with the base year and two option years, which could yield up to 51 systems. The base year is $166 million that will produce 12 systems. All training and testing support to include a limited user test as well as initial operational test and evaluation is covered by the contract. The AN/TPQ-53 (formerly referred to as the EQ 36) provides improved operational and physical functionality over existing AN/TPQ 36 radars systems. The radar detects in-flight projectiles at greater rangers and determines and communicates the firing point locations with a high degree of accuracy. It does this with a low false alarm rate, and with an improved coverage pattern. This capability allows for more effective detection and counter-battery actions.