70th Anniversary of AFCEA International

Seven Decades of AFCEA and SIGNAL Magazine

SIGNAL Media's special coverage of AFCEA's 70th Anniversary celebration.

70 Years of SIGNAL

Different Wars Change Signals

This is the last installment in a series of interviews with signaleers, one for each of SIGNAL Magazine’s seven decades, to commemorate AFCEA International’s 70th anniversary.


Signal Improves Field Communications

The 1950s and 1960s were largely about polishing various communication systems, particularly in the field. Line-of-sight technologies still were being used, but by the 1950s, telephone and radio signals were becoming a much easier means of messaging for warfare, combat and search groups.


Signal During the Final Decade of Analog Communications

As a Marine serving in the Korean and Vietnam wars, John Hopkins used line-of-sight and various portable radios, or PRCs, to communicate in the field. The “AN” in the AN/PRC-6 meant that it was a piece of military electronics and not a truck or a weapon, and operated using wideband frequency modulation (FM). The range of this handheld radio was about 1 mile, but much less in the jungle. 


Signal Embraces Generational Changes

Lt. Gen. Peter Cuviello, USA (Ret.), classifies himself as a “digital immigrant.” He did not grow up with or train on computers, simulators or mobile phones. Retired for 13 years, he now admits he never totally understood what the people at the help desk were saying when he would call about a problem with his computer or phone. 


Satellites Become Vital to Signal Success

Now the director of government solutions for Raytheon Applied Signal Technology Inc., Baciocco witnessed immense change between the years 1986 and 1995 in regard to signal communications technologies and information technology functions.


Signal Shifts Focus After Industry Takes Lead

Signal saw many changes from the late 1990s through the early 2000s, from shifts in function and training approaches to integration with industry and government.


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