The Low Hanging Fruit of Preventing a Cyber Attack

March 4, 2015
By Glenn Kesselman

Guest blogger Glenn Kesselman explains how the act of being mindful and listening to employees could deter an insider attack.

Cyber attacks originate from the outside or the inside. Is there "low hanging fruit" that you can harvest to reduce an insider attack?

You can reduce the probability of an attack from a disgruntled employee by becoming more mindful of your command climate or employee attitudes and by making a commitment to spend more time with your employees/members of your command. Take an employee to lunch and learn about his or her world. Schedule a breakfast with a subordinate and listen to his or her concerns.

The act of being mindful and listening provides employees/subordinates a stage to voice their concerns, share their frustrations and provide suggestions on how to improve the organization. It just might keep an insider on the right track and may deter a productive team member from turning to the dark side and launching an insider attack.

Col. Glenn Kesselman, USA (Ret.), is the president of Kesselman & Associates and vice president of programs, AFCEA Silicon Valley Chapter.

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What a great inexspensive, non-technical solution! The simple act of connecting with people will help not just with preventing cyber attacks, but engage the whole workforce to achieve so much more. Mindful people skills - who would have thought!

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