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Championing Technology Also Involves Difficult Culture and Process Changes

February 26, 2021
By Kimberly Underwood
The cybersecurity problem is not going away for the military, warns retiring Vice Adm. Nancy Norton, USN, pictured at the AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium in Baltimore in 2018.

The outgoing leader of the Defense Information Systems Agency shares her reflections.

DISA’s New Director Is Promoted to Lieutenant General

February 25, 2021
By Kimberly Underwood
The vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. John Hyten, USAF (l), promotes Robert Skinner, USAF (r), to lieutenant general in advanced of Skinner’s move to lead the Defense Information Systems Agency and commander, Joint Force Headquarters Department of Defense Information Networks.

Robert Skinner prepares to return to Ft. Meade.

Intelligence Telework May Leave Digital Footprints

February 24, 2021
By George I. Seffers
U.S. intelligence community personnel may be more vulnerable while telecommuting during the pandemic, but so are U.S. adversaries, experts point out. Credit: enzozo/Shutterstock

“How do we know we’re not leaving digital breadcrumbs all over?” 

Establishing a Space Force National Guard

February 24, 2021
By Kimberly Underwood
Gen. Joseph Lengyel (l), USAFG, chief of the National Guard Bureau, speaks with Col. Hall, USAG from the Louisiana National Guard during a 2020 tour of the state’s Public Safety warehouse supporting the COVID-19 response in Baton Rouge. The Space Force could have a guard component, but the Defense Department needs to complete a study on the viability. Credit: U.S. Air National Guard photo by Master Sgt. Toby Valadie

It still is a possibility to create a guard component for the new service, lawmaker says.

Data Takes a Central Role in JADC2 Strategy

February 23, 2021
By Kimberly Underwood
The idea of a data fabric as a foundation for the use of algorithms and applications to process data at the speed of relevance is a key aspect of the Joint Staff’s Joint All Domain Command and Control framework. Credit: SergeyBitos

The Joint All Domain Command and Control plan centers on how to achieve a data advantage.

Allocating Combat Roles in a Joint Environment

February 22, 2021
By Kimberly Underwood
Another way specific joint warfighting roles and missions could be defined is through the Joint Requirements Oversight Council, says Air Force Chief Gen. Charles Brown (c). Gen. Brown recently visited Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, with David Foskey (r), 573rd Manufacturing Squadron director and Georgia Congressman Austin Scott (l) for an update on the base’s propeller overhaul for the C-130, a key aircraft for joint warfighting. Credit: U.S. Air Force photo by Tommie Horton

Top Pentagon leaders see ways to resolve who does what in joint warfighting.

Army Extending Cyber Capabilities

February 17, 2021
By Robert K. Ackerman
U.S. Army soldiers support the U.S. Cyber Command. Army cyber activities are ramping up to reach across the Defense Department with improved capabilities. Credit: Steven Stover, 780th Military Intelligence Brigade

Army cyber efforts are reaching across the entire defense spectrum.

Army Adds Hardware, Software and Cybersecurity to Longbow Crew Trainer Fleets

February 9, 2021

The Boeing Co., St. Louis, Missouri, was awarded a $10,579,798 modification (P00004) to contract W58RGZ19F0045 to integrate, test, upgrade and field functional hardware and software technology improvements and cybersecurity controls, to the Longbow Crew Trainer Generation Four and Generation Five fleets. Work will be performed in St. Louis, Missouri, with an estimated completion date of April 2, 2022. Fiscal year 2019 aircraft procurement (Army) funds in the amount of $10,579,798 were obligated at the time of the award. U.S.

Special Forces Command Seeks Key Data Aggregation, Cyber Tools

February 17, 2021
By Kimberly Underwood
With the advent of smart cities, the Chinese have become very adept at aggregating data to find U.S. special forces operating in the Far East, “as well as all the way back here at home,” warns Maj. Gen. John Brennan, USA, Commanding General, 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne), Fort Bragg, N.C.

Advanced data and cyber solutions are needed to support psychological operations and information warfare worldwide.

Army Research Aims at Broad MDO Achievements

February 16, 2021
By Robert K. Ackerman
Soldiers observe an impact zone during an international exercise. The Army's PEO IEWS is developing innovative capabilities to improve battlespace-wide situational awareness as part of its effort for multidomain operations. Credit: U.S. Army photo

The U.S. Army’s PEO IEW&S is developing new technological capabilities that will operate collaboratively to achieve multidomain operations.

TRADOC Commander Outlines Three Training Initiatives

February 16, 2021
By George I. Seffers
The Army's Synthetic Training Environment is one of three initiatives using data to modernize the service's training capabilities. Credit: U.S. Army

The three initiatives will allow the Army to leverage data for multidomain operations to enable warfighters and echelons to survive on the modern battlefield.

The Army’s Electronic Warfare Efforts Take Center Stage

February 16, 2021
By Kimberly Underwood
The U.S. Army is in the process of building requirements for a broad portfolio of electronic warfare solutions, reports Col. Daniel Holland, USA, Army Capability Manager for Electronic Warfare, Cyber Center of Excellence, Fort Gordon, Georgia.

The service is progressing in filling key capability gaps for operating in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Criminal Cryptocurrency Is Not Small Change

February 16, 2021
By Maryann Lawlor
Credit: Aleona/Shutterstock

Like the rest of society, felons are using the latest technology not only to steal cash but also to launder it.

Closing All DOD’s Cyber Doors with Zero Trust

February 16, 2021
By Alex Chapin
Securing all of the entryways into U.S. Defense Department networks with zero trust is a multistep process, says Alex Chapin, vice president, McAfee Federal. Credit: mkfilm/Shutterstock

Access control will always be critical, but it is just the first important step of the zero trust journey.

Army Recharges Conformal Wearable Battery Design

February 12, 2021
By George I. Seffers
A soldier dons the prototypical Integrated Visual Augmentation System during a live fire test event at Fort Pickett, Virginia, in October 2020. The Silicon Anode Conformal Wearable Battery prototype is placed in the soldier’s back pouch. Army officials will assess two versions of the new battery during Project Convergence 2021 in October. Credit: Courtney Bacon, PEO Soldier PAO

The Army’s C5ISR Center is working to improve manufacturing of silicon anode cells to lower cost and potentially add more energy into the batteries. 

Open Source to Dominate Intelligence

February 12, 2021
By Robert K. Ackerman
Credit: Panchenko Vladimir/Shutterstock

The growth in available data coupled with new information technologies is leading to an era in which open source intelligence becomes the basis for all others.

Defense Leadership Warns of CMMC Deceit

February 11, 2021
By Robert K. Ackerman
Stacy Bostjanick (r), director of CMMC, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (A&S), warns of CMMC certification companies that are not themselves certified in a discussion at AFCEA NOVA Intelligence Community IT Day.

Companies seeking CMMC certification help must beware of firms that are not yet certified.

Navy Intelligent Tracker Destined for Army Combat Vehicle

February 10, 2021
Posted by George I. Seffers
A U.S. Navy team has developed an automated target detection and tracking system known as the Intelligent Tracker for the Army's Next Generation Combat Vehicle. Image provided by the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division

The Intelligent Tracker innovation adds a rapid and precise automated target detection and tracking capability to the kill chain for manned and unmanned weapon systems.

U.S. Space Force Gathers International Allies

February 8, 2021
By Robert K. Ackerman
Gen. John Raymond, USSF, chief of space operations, is seeing increased cooperation among the new U.S. Space Force and international partners.

After the U.S. Defense Department elevated space operations to a Space Force on a par with the other military services, other nations are following suit and working with the force.

Sellers, Be Aware

February 8, 2021
By Maryann Lawlor
Lisa Shea Mundt, co-founder of The Pulse of GovCon, led the small business mergers and acquisitions discussion with (l-r) Kristjan Kornmayer, the senior director at the Chertoff Group LLC; Josh Heacock, director of CSP Associates; and Bob Kipps, founder, KippsDeSanto & Co.

Experts discuss whether to sell, when to sell and how--or how not--to go about it.