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Ted, Terry, Pete, Mark, Keith, and Jim - - - - thank you all for your thoughtful comments and feedback.

First with regard to Benghazi I certainly accept that the information in the public domain is disjointed and confusing. DNI Clapper says the IC is responsible for Ambassador Rice's inaccurate comments that what happened was a flash demonstration gone violent vice and attack. CIA Director Patraeus has said nobody in the CIA refused any request for security assistance. I am willing to accept all of this on good faith as truth - - - but it raises the question of why/how did the IC give Ambassador the flash mob analysis (the first report is always wrong?) and if nobody refused security assistance why didn't it arrive (time distance, too much risk, host country sensitivities)? As to whether the Consulate Annex was or was not a detention center, the more relevant question is what did the local militants think it was being used for. I don't think Paula Broadwell pulled her about it being a detention center from "the what if pile" of possibilities. She heard/read that somewheree, but not in public domain

Institutionally the CIA is as weak as it has ever been since the DNI was established in the spring of 2005. Director resigning in disgrace and leadership churn of four directors in five years. If the DNI is ever going to the CIA to recognize DNI authority in the IC it now

Its important for the "D" DNI to mean something or IC ITE has no chance regardless of what IC CIO's say about being "all in" and we have "burned the boats" All the major IC agencies have their own IT inftrasture and if IT ICE flounders things just go back to the way the agencies want them. When heard the CIO at the Fall Symposium I was impressed with their passion and commitment to IC ITE, but if I where a venture capitalis I would have to demur on "investing in IC ITE" until you have business plan and operating model. Telling me their is no other alternative does not give a reason to expect success (was success for IC ITE defined?), but more importantly its not true.

And finally no media career for me - - - - I am keeping my day job!

Thanks again guys joemaz