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Sir: Thank you your insightful article. As with predicting future event's, threats, etc; It seems new and better technologies are inevitable. I think the largest variable is not technical, but psycho-social. How and for any reason we can best react to near future "event's", can (usually) not take into account our point-of-view in that future circumstance. Our "point-of-view" on 9/12/2001 was not imagined by many on 9/10/2001.

I've looked at the using social media as a real-time experimental protocol to apply an old term: Run something up the flag poll (twitter stream, much the same) and see who salutes, or is offended, or change's a point of view. That's immediate and the greater the emotional reflex, the more "unfiltered" and as factual a peek into one persons POV, and often any so called self identification an individual has with a "group". At least such social-media "experiment's" could provide insight in no way all the signet intercepts could. Someones emotional point, POV, and possible intent. As in; "OK, what do you think about "X", and what do you feel"?