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I wanted to comment on the August 2011 article intitled "The future of the Internet." As was pointed out in the article the internet and the services enabled by it, is undergoing tremendous transformation. As a person interested in network security, I'm particularly eager to learn about the methodologies that will emerge to secure the cloud. The federal government is moving---with caution--toward cloud computing for an number of features--not the least of which is data storage. I'm curious about possible strategies for securing information in the cloud as well as how the cloud will effect contingency planning for federal government information systems.

I'd appreciate hearing anyone's perspective on how the cloud will be integrated into the scope of contingency planning?

Another area that I think will benefit greatly from the collaborative capabilities of the future internet is global project management. With communication often being the make or brake aspect of most projects, the ability to stay connected through deep collaborative interactions between not only employees but project stakeholders (i.e., vendors, suppliers, and executive management) is essential to project success.

Could the future internet capabilities increase the percentages of IT projects that are completed on schedule and within budget.?