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Cloud-Based Systems Security Must Be Shared

Overspending on cyber tools and appliances placed in the wrong location or configured poorly can be equally bad if not worse than under-resourcing. 2,500 years before the advent of digital networking, military strategist Sun Tzu’s advice is still applicable: You must know your enemy and know yourself to be victorious. Credit: Pexels/meo

Security is among the single greatest concern government agencies have about moving their systems to the cloud, particularly data and system protection.


Staying Cyber Safe While Teleworking

With the Coronavirus driving more people to work or study from home, it is more important than ever for private individuals and families to secure their home networks. Credit: Manolines/Shutterstock

As people around the world practice self-isolation due to COVID-19, the need to maintain a strong cybersecurity posture arguably has never been higher.


Kaspersky Labs Confrontation Sets Template

Credit: Shutterstock

Measures from Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and Justice Department set tone for cybersecurity supply chain trust.


Bipartisan Commission Sounds Alarm on Cyber Insecurity

The bipartisan Cyberspace Solarium Commission has released a report warning of cyberspace insecurity in the United States and offering more than 75 recommendations. Credit: Inna Bigun/Shutterstock

A report from the Cyberspace Solarium Commission issues a call to action on the nation’s lack of security in cyberspace.


Using a Software Bill of Materials to Unveil Vulnerabilities

Known as a software bill of materials, a list of software components, information about those components and their relationship to the supply chain, are key elements in building supply chain transparency. Credit: Shutterstock/Andrey Suslov

Having a detailed description of the software components in any software-based product is necessary to identify cyber vulnerabilities and reduce risks.


The Supply Chain Risk Is Hidden in Plain Sight

Threats to the supply chain—especially cyber threats—continue to grow. Credit: Leyn/Shutterstock

Cybersecurity threats continue to grow and evolve, giving new reasons to refocus on the security of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.

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