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Cellphone Assured Identity Solution Offers Promise

A sensitive compartmented information facility may no longer be a fortress that bars entry to cellphones. Credit; Shutterstock/Andrea Crisante

Mobile technology is not always available to military or government personnel in all environments, but new solutions could enable its use in secure facilities.


Government Seeks Forward-Looking Industry Solutions

Credit: Rabbit_Photo/Shutterstock

A number of technologies have risen to the top because of their potential to address military challenges and to prosper commercially in the future.


FBI Strives to Keep Ahead of Cyber Adversaries

International hackers are not the only ones planting ransomware on unsuspecting victims. Nation-states also are using it as part of their cyber attack arsenal, and the FBI is working with domestic and international partners to thwart their efforts.

The FBI increases its cooperative efforts with U.S. government agencies and overseas allies as it wages an unending battle against growing cyber adversaries.


Time for a Changing of the Guard

The Ohio National Guard Cyber Mission Assurance Team conducts network assessments during Cyber Shield 19. The Cyber Mission Assurance teams help secure the critical infrastructure that services U.S. Defense Department installations. Credit: Staff Sgt. George Davis, OHNG

To remain relevant, the Army National Guard must completely divest GuardNet, its IT network, and converge with the Army’s Department of Defense Information Network.


Open Architecture Delivers Cybersecurity Advantages

ManTech  conducts a cyber testing and training exercise with cyber experts from the financial sector.

The rapid pace of technology adoption has leveled the playing field in global competition and opened new warfare domains in the space and cyber realms.


Buyers Must Prepare and Beware

A company considering a cyber insurance purchase must determine the risk to its organization and if a single policy will cover the type of loss it may experience.

Cyber insurance can protect organizations from losing more than data, but choosing a cyber insurer and policy comes with its own caveats.

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