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Digital Cloak of Invisibility Fends Off Intruders

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Cloaking a device’s address gives a hacker nothing to see, and it can be done on systems ranging from government networks to medical electronics.


Fighting Cyber With Cyber

Soldiers demonstrate the Command Post Computing Environment prototype at Aberdeen Proving Ground. With a new single tactical server infrastructure plus a common software baseline, it will provide soldiers an underlying core command post system. U.S. Army photo by Dan Lafontaine, PEO C3T

SDN checks off every set of standards for the COE while delivering the mission assurance commanders need to execute their warfighting functions.


DOD Poised to Help DHS Secure Elections

Credit: daniel_diaz_bardillo/Pixabay

Under a new memorandum of understanding with DHS, the U.S. Defense Department will step up efforts to share information for critical infrastructure protection.


Five Cybersecurity Steps for SMB Contractors

Small and medium-sized defense contractors are increasingly targeted by malicious hackers seeking to steal intellectual property. Credit: GDJ/Pixabay

Malicious actors have put significant manpower into compromising small- and medium-sized businesses.


Is AI Resilient Enough for Security?

Artificial intelligence is still too easily fooled to secure networks without human assistance. Credit: geralt/Pixabay

Artificial intelligence is not smart enough to replace humans in cybersecurity.


Breaking Down Silos to Combat the IoT Threat

Technical, physical, and departmental silos could undermine the government’s Internet of Things security efforts. Credit: methodshop/Pixabay

IoT-connected devices and apps have the potential to do some serious damage. 

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