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  • China’s consolidated control its political mechanisms enables a unity of effort difficult to achieve in democracies. Credit: Shutterstock/Poring Studio China Posing Power Challenge

    As China has modernized and gained strength, it appears to have sought mechanisms by which it can shape the international system and tools that afford it unique influence and privileges equal to—and perhaps surpassing—those of the United States.

  • Credit: DHS Cybersecurity Turns Holistic

    The U.S. must engage in an informed debate about cybersecurity and how to stop the damage being inflicted by adversaries, says the director of intelligence, CYBERCOM.

  • The DARPA OPS-5G program has set some ambitious goals, including adoption of the technology by a mobile carrier near a military base and machine translation of open source standards. Credit: ZinetroN/Shutterstock DARPA Hopes Mobile Carrier Will Adopt Secure 5G

    If all goes as planned, a major mobile cellphone carrier will ultimately adopt technology developed under the DARPA Open, Programmable, Secure 5G program.


U.S. Defense Department Expands 5G Experimentation

A signal support system specialist prepares a radio system used to allow soldiers and airmen to keep in constant communications with one another during their missions. Graphic illustration by Regina Ali, U.S. Defense Department

The U.S. Defense Department already is looking beyond its massive $600 million investment in 5G experiments announced in October.


6G Will Blur the Lines Between the Physical and Digital Worlds

One of the key challenges about 6G will be operating in ultra-high frequencies—in terahertz—and AT&T has started internal corporate development and external research at 60 U.S. universities to shape solutions for the next generation of wireless communication. Credit: Shutterstock/Den Rise

As the fifth-generation wireless network known as 5G rolls out, experts already look ahead to the sixth iteration of the wireless network.


Mission Networks Require Service Management

Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise 2019 (CWIX 2019) hosted at the NATO Joint Force Training Centre in Bydgoszcz, Poland, showcased military interoperability between NATO personnel, processes and technologies. Credit: Dawn Stankus, NATO

Military, industry and research representatives assemble annually to test a wide range of technologies and processes for their practical applicability and interoperability in an international network.


Intelligence Telework May Leave Digital Footprints

U.S. intelligence community personnel may be more vulnerable while telecommuting during the pandemic, but so are U.S. adversaries, experts point out. Credit: enzozo/Shutterstock

“How do we know we’re not leaving digital breadcrumbs all over?” 


Disruptive by Design: Transcending Cyber

Credit: Shutterstock/Potential Filmmaker

The Defense Department has an information warfare (IW) problem. There's no organization within the department that directs, synchronizes and coordinates IW planning and operations.


FBI Considers Zero Trust Architecture

The FBI is examining how zero trust architecture could apply to its cybersecurity measures. Credit: Shutterstock/Kristi Blokhin

Authorizing official weighs its application with existing FBI platforms.

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