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Educators Call for Cyber Pros To Teach Part Time

Cyber educators highly encourage those who have previously worked or are currently working in cybersecurity to teach part time. Shutterstock/4LUCK

A panel of cyber educators encourage subject matter experts in the military and industry to teach cybersecurity part time.


Army Mastering Fusion of Cyber and Electronic Warfare

Lt. Gen. Maria Barrett, USA, commander, Army Cyber Command, addresses CERTS 2022.

Information operations remains to be fully integrated.


Army Initiates Cyber-Focused Junior ROTC Programs

Brig. Gen. Paul Craft, USA, commandant, U.S. Army Cyber School, speaks on a panel at CERTS 2022. Photo by Michael Carpenter

U.S. Army focuses on effort to interest students in a career in the Cyber Branch through school programs and direct commissions in the cyber realm.


U.S. Cyber Command Enlists Students for Solving Problems

David Frederick Jr., executive director at U.S. Cyber Command, addresses the audience at CERTS 2022. Photo by Michael Carpenter

A new network provides outreach to students and faculty.


One Joint Cyber School to Teach Them All

CERTS 2022 panelists discuss cyber training for the services.

A panel of cyber experts debates the pros and cons of centralizing training and education at Fort Gordon, Georgia.


Brig. Gen. Stanton Issues Cyber Workforce Challenge

Brig. Gen. Paul Stanton, commander, U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence, speaks at CERTS 2022. Photo by Michael Carpenter

The skills necessary to enable the cyber workforce to perform missions are much broader than writing a Python script or developing an exploit.

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