Cool App-titude: Sidecastr

November 13, 2012
Rachel Eisenhower

Thanks to Twitter, watching your favorite TV show can be a social experience. Thousands of celebrities, cast members and fans now tweet during episodes of popular shows, and a new iPad app gathers all that commentary in one place.

The Sidecastr app is a free service that captures tweets, comments and conversations posted during live broadcasts. It then filters out the best commentary and presents it in a visual timeline with screen shots from the show.

Whether you're watching a show live or catching up after the fact, the app lets you in on the conversation.

The app automatically detects what you're watching in order to play the live-captured tweets. You can organize your timeline by adding or customizing the sources of content. The app filters the tweets to eliminate spam and redundancy, and super fans help to curate the comments, giving you the highlights.

Currently, the app collects tweets for a variety of popular shows, including the Walking Dead, Glee and the Voice. It also includes special broadcast events.

Download the free app from the iTunes App Store.

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