Cool App-titude: Moves for iPhone

March 12, 2013
By Rachel Eisenhower

Whether it's a Nike+ FuelBand, a Fitbit or just a traditional pedometer, more and more people are tracking their movements and fitness goals throughout the day. But keeping tabs on your activity level doesn't have to be complicated or expensive with the free Moves app for the iPhone.

The app, which runs in the background on your smartphone, automatically tracks the number of steps you take per day along with when and where you drive or bike. Then, you can scroll back through the days or weeks to see your progress.

Its sleek design helps you visualize your day by presenting data in a timeline format with your daily steps and any stops you made along the way. You can also see the paths you took on a map.

While the continued use of GPS on your phone can decrease battery life, the app creator ProtoGeo says it has taken that into consideration and is continuously working to minimize battery consumption.

Download the free app from the iTunes App Store.

Do you use any apps to track your fitness goals?

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