Cool App-titude: Slooh Space Camera for iPad

June 11, 2013
By Rachel Eisenhower

Tap into your inner astronomer with the Slooh Space Camera for the iPad. Learn more about space while you watch live celestial programming in true color and listen to Sky Guide audio.

Slooh manages a network of robotic space cameras in world class observing sites, like the Canary Islands, located high up in the mountains away from light pollution and bad weather systems. App users can image the night sky by commanding one of the cameras and taking a photo stamped with the date, time and observatory information.

The Slooh sky chart shows an accurate depiction of the sky as seen from your present location and time.

In addition, Slooh produces free, live celestial shows on a weekly basis covering all types of activity, including solar flares, asteroids, eclipses and planets.

The app is free, but it costs $1.99 per “mission” to snap photos. Download the app from the iTunes App Store.

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