Cool App-titude: Mixlr for iPhone

July 2, 2013
By Rachel Eisenhower

Did you ever want to start your own radio show? Have you ever considered putting together a podcast? The Mixlr app for iPhone makes it easy to broadcast live and interact with listeners in real time.

The free app lets you create your own radio station; DJ live to your friends; host news reports; start your own live podcast; and more. Even if you're not interested in broadcasting, the app serves as a way to find new and original content from other users. Simply search through the thousands of broadcasts, which include everything from music to sports, and find what fits your interests.

You can broadcast using 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. The app also allows you to export saved broadcasts to SoundCloud, Mixcloud or Dropbox.

Download the app from the iTunes App Store.

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