Abu Dhabi Science Festival Influences Technical Education in the Middle East

November 18, 2013
By Rita Boland

The third Abu Dhabi Science Festival runs this year from November 14 to 23, with more than 25,000 students expected to attend. The children will participate in workshops, shows and interactive exhibits that will expose them to various scientific disciplines. Approximately 900 science communicators will work to make the education possible, focusing on delivering programs in ways that engage and excite the next generation of scientists. Private companies also will take part. Raytheon, for example, is sending its MathAlive!—a 5,000-square-foot dual-language traveling education exhibition, which shows students how math plays into their favorite activities such as sports and video games. MathAlive! is taking a five-year tour of the Gulf region to provide direct support for the successful growth and development of the Middle East’s technology industrial base.

For a closer look at MathAlive! in the Middle East, watch this video presented in Modern Standard Arabic and English.

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