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March 25, 2014
By Sandra Jontz
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App keeps sailors, family up to speed.

Is there an app for that? If you want news about the Navy, there is.

The U.S. Navy has launched a multiplatform mobile app to connect sailors and families with relevant and updated content.

“The public, and our Navy community, is increasingly looking to their mobile devices to stay informed and connected. The Navy app allows people to get their Navy news the same way they get other news, on the go through their mobile devices,” Christopher J. Madden, director Navy Media Content Services, says.

The Navy’s app, built by Maryland-based Web developer Mobomo and costing $455,000, is updated multiple times a day with top news, videos, blogs, feature stories, photos and breaking news when it happens.

Users can download and personalize the U.S. Navy app from the Apple iOS, Android, Chrome Book or Windows 8 markets and customize the provided information to make it “very relevant and individualized,” Brian Lacey, chief operating officer for Mobomo, says.

A breakdown by the numbers: Users can select specific feeds from 25 story themes, 31 image galleries and 7 video playlists. An interactive world map complete with all U.S. Navy bases, historical sites and fleet concentration areas provides a visual status of the Navy and the Navy’s key forward presence, when and where it matters.

Fear not–security isn’t compromised, Madden says. For starters, the movement of ships, for example, is carefully reviewed and imagery is released by public affairs staff. “Typically, the imagery when posted is at least 24 hours old, and positions are approximated. For example, a map point for a ship transiting the Gulf of Aden, South China Sea or Gulf of Oman is placed within those bodies of water without reference to any specific grid markings.

For more on the app, view the Navy video below:

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