China Opens First-Ever OpenDaylight Lab in Asia

April 9, 2014
By Sandra Jontz
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A China-based company has set up an OpenDaylight Lab in Shenzhen, China, joining an expanding global community effort aimed at creating open sources for companies to further software-defined networking (SDN). The industry is aiming to do this via more transparent approaches that reduce risk to unproven products. The Shenzhen lab from Huawei is the first of its kind in Asia, joining the approved OpenDaylight Community Labs list.

OpenDaylight is a community-led, open, industry-supported framework and a collaborative project under The Linux Foundation. It is structured using open source development best practices, made up of leading organizations in the technology industry. The lab encourages open innovation and transparency for SDN and wants to create a solid foundation for network virtualization function (NFV) for networks of varying sizes.

“It is important to the project that OpenDaylight is accessible globally,” Neela Jacques, executive director of the OpenDaylight Project, says. “With this new lab from Huawei, developers in the East can become familiar with the SDN and NFV platform and help evaluate and debug the code base.”

Huawei is a global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider.

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