The Intelligence Community: New Challenges, Sources, and Methods

Monday, September 28, 2009
AFCEA Intelligence

The Intelligence Committee (the Committee) of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) is pleased to present this white paper focused on the changing threats facing our nation and the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) and the potential represented by a wider variety of sources and analytic methodologies available to meet these threats. This paper is part of a series of

Committee publications intended to contribute to the ongoing national dialog regarding the state and future of the IC. The papers are intended to stimulate discussion at intelligence symposia presented by the Committee, and this one is keyed to the AFCEA Fall Intelligence Symposium scheduled for October 14 and 15, 2009.2 Through the symposium and white paper, the Committee hopes to contribute to efforts to modulate the spectrum of threats with which the IC concerns itself and the sources and analytic approaches the Community employs to meet those challenges.

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I read through the "white paper" pretty quickly to get the gist of its message, and thought it was fairly accurate. Although it was pretty elementary as to the current and future security/intelligence issues, it did not make much mention of any increased Islamic extremism present within US government entities. Is there currently a plan to examine and understand the numbers within the "whole" of the US government and its various agencies. Even a small percentage of people could constitute a grave security threat similar to Ft. Hood.
Also, has there been a serious look at the current trajectory of Russia and its past Soviet sympathizers within the neighboring areas political regimes?