Being an agile and adroit small business, one of your greatest strengths should be to move quickly in the midst of intelligence community changes. (Change can always mean “opportunity” when viewed positively).  There have been many recent changes across the IC that you may be able to leverage, at least thematically, and create an opportunity for your firm.  I am referring to conversations you may need to start, continue or shut down, imperatives that you may need to support, funding that you may need to get a piece of and other similar activities.  Here is a sample list, for your consideration.  Look at these carefully, with an eye toward this question: “how can I leverage this on behalf of my company?”

  • New CIO at the NRO (Jill Singer);
  • New Deputy CIO at the CIA (is this back-fill announced yet?)
  • SOCOM probably receiving an interesting plus-up in FY11 (see:;
  • New incoming Deputy Director at the DIA (somebody help me with this);
  • New Director of the NGA, (Leticia Long);
  • New National Cyber Security Coordinator (Howard Schmidt);
  • Recent speeches by the DNI (;
  • DHS OCIO has new leadership (< 1 year) and this office has been very busy (Richard Spires);
  • A new Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis (Caryn Wagner) at the DHS;
  • A renaissance going on in Army GEOINT and its geospatial mission (GIO, Robert Burkhardt);
  • A continued emergence of the Fusion Center Market (;

    These are only the ones that I’ve noticed over the last two weeks.  Your portion and view of the IC may have a totally different list.  As you go through this exercise, remember, begin with your client agency’s mission and work backwards from there into you firms’ skills and strengths and its capability to support the new and emerging imperatives.  Like it or not, new leadership introduces changes; you may as well be part of the new solution as the new requirements become articulated.  This is good selling.