Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Dan Callahan

This is a difficult client market loaded with obstacles and barriers.  But I am convinced that these challenges are surmountable.  Do yourself a favor: sit back and relax for just a moment and answer this question: in order to better reach your business development goals, if you could have one thing or change one obstacle…that would make all the difference, what would it be? 

Would it be better access to decision makers?  Would it be to simply know who they are?  Would it be more equitable relationships with prime contractors?  Would it be a better listing of which challenges your targeted client is struggling with?   Is it having the energy to scramble to each and every event that could be valuable?  Or perhaps it’s your follow up that is lacking.

What is holding you back from your BD success?   Let’s have an unclassified, somewhat generic conversation that points up some solutions to your largest challenges?  I would enjoy learning from my readers.