Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Dan Callahan

I am impressed that real change is taking place and, “sure, it is painfully slow at times”, but being an optimistic realist, I believe we should give credit where it’s due.  The NSA has gone out of their way to not only reach-out to small businesses (to a greater extent than any other IC agency) but is reshaping how they do their job, organizationally.  They are also shifting the direction of their IA mission.  They stand out—relative to the other fifteen, as the most responsive to market pressures and the need for change.


The fact that they are the only agency to have a PISA program is proof enough. (see here for more details if you need them).  This is a leadership and budgetary commitment issue on the part of the senior managers there.  I know because I have asked specifically.  Secondly, they do a fantastic job reaching out to their universe of customers, contractors and constituents.  I sat in two meetings recently that prove my point.  I heard at a networking party last night that about six years ago they had only  dozens of approved contractors on their list.  Now, the list contain two orders of magnitude (over 1,000) more approved contractors.  I will get the releasable facts soon and publish them.  These facts need to be told.  And the other IC agencies need to follow suit. If the NSA can be this open given all the sensitivities they deal with, I believe the other IC agencies can too. 


QUESTION:  Can you share any anecdotes that validate my point?  Or not?