Pro vs. GI Joe

March 20, 2009
By Rita Boland

Doin' a little for those who do a lot, this atypical nonprofit offers troops a chance to battle professional athletes and celebrities in head-to-head video game competitions via the Internet. Pro vs. GI Joe sets up real-time video game competitions among celebrities, high-ranking military officials and politicians stateside and troops overseas using Web-connected technologies such as PlayStation, Xbox Live and Nintendo Wii. The group also attempts to reunite warfighters with family members via webcam during the events. Pro vs. GI Joe works with its official partner the USO to identify participating troops and arrange for them to play from USO centers worldwide. Events have been held with troops from Iraq, Kuwait, Japan, Germany, Cuba and other locations. Currently, Pro vs. GI Joe does not have the bandwidth in Iraq to support online gaming, but service members can obtain permission to travel to Kuwait and play from Camp Virginia. The organization attempts to pair up pros and Joes from the same area-for example troops from Arizona with the Arizona Cardinals-to make it easier for family members to participate. It also works to match up troops with their favorite celebrity or team, working with the USO to identify the biggest fans. Information about how GI Joes are chosen for events is available by e-mailing Professional athletes and celebrities who want to participate can request more information online as well by following a link after clicking on "The Pro" from the home page. Average Joes who want to help out can obtain information on donating money, sponsorships and volunteering on the Web site. Additional Web offerings include lists of competitions already held along with photos and multimedia options. The programs listed on these pages are not affiliated with our publication or association. We highlight these independent efforts as a service to our military and our readers. For more information about these programs, please contact the organizations directly.

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Cobra commander and Duke are two of my favorite GI Joe characters. the movie is great and i am waiting for a sequel of gi joe perhaps maybe next year or so.

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