Brig. Gen. (Sel.) David B. Warner, U.S. Joint Forces Command

August 2005
By Brig. Gen. (Sel.) David B. Warner, USAF, Acting Chief Information Officer, U.S. Joint Forces Command

As director of the Command, Control, Communication and Computer Systems Directorate at U.S. Joint Forces Command (JFCOM), the question of which technology will most impact this command is not easily answered. In our network-centric, global-reaching environment, technology will be the fulcrum around which success or failure will pivot. The level of measured success for the warfighter will depend directly on how evolving technologies are used to enable JFCOM's role within of the U.S. Defense Department as an organization where the military services, combatant commands, multinational partners, industry and other governmental agencies rely on each other in a truly interdependent relationship.