Thales to Equip Army with Multiband Radios

December 12, 2017

Under a $37 million contract, Thales will provide its AN/PRC-148C Multiband Inter-Intra Team Radio (IMBITR) to security force assistance brigades (SFAB) in the U.S. Army. The dual-channel, certified networking radio technology will enhance communications at the tactical edge providing joint and coalition forces interoperability, a capability sought by the Amry's Office of the Chief of Staff. The IMBITR is a variant of the Multiband Inter-Intra Team Radio (MBITR) and the world’s first 2-channel handheld networking radio embedding the Tactical Scalable MANET waveform, Thales indicated. It will provide SFAB soldiers with narrowband and tactical satellite communications in an ad hoc capability.