Modeling and Simulation Links

July 24, 2009
By Henry Kenyon

In this wired and increasingly virtual world, modeling and simulation play a key role in everything from testing new products to developing weapons systems and planning military operations. Although simulations have been important for decades, new technologies enable researchers and engineers to model software and hardware accurately down to the molecular level.

CSC Awarded $9 Million Contract by ULA

July 22, 2009
By Katie Packard

United Launch Alliance LLC (ULA) has awarded CSC a new managed information technology services contract to provide a consolidated service center and desktop and application services for the ULA enterprise, a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and the Boeing Company.

Raytheon Selected to Aid Indian Air Navigation System

July 22, 2009
By Katie Packard

The Indian Space Research Organization has awarded an $82 million contract to Raytheon Company to modernize the Indian air navigation system. Raytheon will build the ground stations for the Global Positioning System-Aided Geosynchronous Augmented Navigation System.