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SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by Panasonic: What to Consider When Purchasing an Unmanned Aerial System

Militaries worldwide are investing in UAV/UAS technology to survey and conduct strategic offensive measures to protect and defend. Small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) provide a fast, simple and beneficial tool for C4ISR scenarios. In this webinar, we ll discuss the role that Panasonic TOUGHBOOKs play as part of part of numerous UAS deployments and how FLYMOTION provides end to end UAV technology to government and defense, incorporating TOUGHBOOKS to users in the field.

SIGNAL WEBINAR: What is the Key to Cyber Resilience In Our Post-COVID-19 World?

COVID-19 will have a lasting effect on the way people live, including a significantly increased reliance on remote communication technologies. This new normal also highlights the importance of cyber resiliency as bad actors are actively exploiting gaps in security methodologies. Ensuring resilience in the face of these new threats may prove to be the biggest challenge of the post-COVID-19 era.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by Pega and src Logic: The Time is Now: Adopt Low-Code Automation to Make Agile Happen

Defense IT leaders, like the U.S. Marine Corps, are finding modernization success by leveraging a low-code, intelligent automation platform designed to build applications rapidly to automate and integrate processes not just driving change, but real transformation across their enterprise. In this webinar, panelists will discuss the USMC IT modernization journey and provide a perspective on lessons learned and best practices such as: Agile development and low-code; Rapid application deployment to production; Re-use of rule sets; Adapt quickly to changing policy and more.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by Rubrik: Architecting a Cloud Data Management Strategy

There's a lot involved when migrating to cloud, so it's important to know what tools and technologies can make a difference for mission success. Design your hybrid cloud to accelerate capabilities and deliver the highest level of data protection for mission-critical systems. This session will cover:Managing and protecting data across the hybrid cloud; Increasing cloud readiness through APIs and automation; Architecting cyber resilience and the importance of immutable backup.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by SailPoint: Identity Governance in Multi-Cloud Environments

More than 3 out of 4 agencies use multiple cloud platforms. This gives them the freedom to match the requirements of each use case to the unique strengths of each platform. What these agencies lack, however, is a way to effectively and securely govern access across these multi-cloud environments. SailPoint Identity and Cloud Access Governance allows IT and security teams to back control of cloud access by providing 360-visibility across the enterprise and cloud infrastructure and adds a critical layer of security and governance. Join us in this webinar to begin plotting the course to your successful and secure cloud journey.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by Zerto: The Evolution of Data Protection: From Legacy Backup to Continuous Data Protection

Tired of backups that don t meet the availability demands of your agency? Worried about recovering quickly from an outage or ransomware? Rethink your backup strategy with continuous data protection. Join this webinar to learn how Zerto can help you execute your day-to-day data protection strategy and streamline the number of tools you need to do so. See firsthand how Zerto s journal-based recovery, coupled with continuous replication recovers files, VMs, applications and entire data centers. Learn how you can quickly resume operations with the industry's best RTOs and RPOs.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by BeyondTrust: Telework in DoD: Security Strategies for the New Reality

Long after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, telework will be a lasting fixture in the workforce. The goal facing DoD officials is how to sustain productivity and connectivity while ensuring security risks are not created in the process. Join us for a webinar to discuss: Practical guidance on how to quickly implement and scale strong security protocols; DoD telework security best practices; How DoD agencies can stay compliant with NIST SP 800-53 and NIST SP 800-171; Enforcing least privilege by giving users the right level of access.

Past Webinars:

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by Ribbon: Legacy PBX Migrations and Connecting Dial Tone (aka Direct Routing) to Microsoft Teams

The public sector needs modern and scalable alternatives to legacy PBXs. In many cases, Microsoft Teams is becoming the preferred alternative since so many are already leveraging it for video calls, screen share, chat, and file sharing. Because of the pandemic therefore, IT teams suddenly have a trained user community, ready and willing to expand their use of Teams to include making and receiving phone calls. This webinar will help staff learn about securing communications with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and legacy PBX migrations.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by Red Hat: Ansible 101 An introduction to automating everything with Red Hat Training

Incorporating IT automation is key to managing large numbers of systems and applications efficiently and consistently at scale. This webinar will highlight the benefits of using Ansible to automate tasks across a variety of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Windows, cloud, and networking devices. Our expert will cover: a technical overview of Red Hat Ansible and Ansible Tower; the benefits to using Red Hat Ansible and Ansible Tower to manage complex automation workflows; and a demonstration of Ansible automating across multiple environments.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by PacStar: Achieving Future-Proof Tactical and Expeditionary Radio and Voice Interoperability

To achieve mission success, tactical and expeditionary communications programs need radio and voice interoperability solutions that include Radio-over-IP, Radio Cross Banding, IP voice interoperability, and networking and security, in the lowest available Size, Weight and Power (SWaP). This webinar will show you how to future-proof your communications networks using state-of-the-art tactical technologies, architectures and solutions for converged radio and voice communications, supporting a diverse array of communications equipment and technologies.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by Epiq Solutions: Overcoming Compliance Challenges Associated With Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) in Secure Government Spaces

Every day, hundreds of new IoT devices are connected to the Internet. As with IoT devices, unauthorized portable electronic devices (PEDs) pose potential risks to sensitive areas. The RF signals that carry a Secure Compartmented Information Facility's (SCIF) secrets away also let us know there's a problem. In this webinar, we'll go beyond WLAN-focused WIDS and describe how users can detect, locate and remediate threats from technologies commonly used by modern PEDs and IoT devices.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by CrowdStrike and Zscaler: Modernizing Security from the Endpoint to the App for a Zero Trust Architecture Solution

Both defense and civilian government agencies must figure out how to secure data in the midst of modernization and cloud migration efforts, a pandemic surge in remote workforces, ever more sophisticated cyber-attacks, and complex systems and work environments. How can they manage these challenges and do so while staying within their budget? Learn how posture-driven, zero trust, conditional access enables your agency to rapidly deploy and scale cloud services while maintaining the highest levels of security.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by RavenTek: Meeting IT Performance Requirements of the Global Warfighter

In an increasingly remote world, military operations, productivity and readiness ultimately depend on optimal network and application performance. For Defense IT, improving network visibility while reducing troubleshooting time will be essential to supporting missions. This panel will provide a perspective on lessons learned since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and industry insights on how agencies can effectively address network and app performance challenges for the global, virtually co-located warfighter.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by Nokia: The 5G Strategic Advantage and the Steps to Take to Get There First

5G is way more than just speed and faster downloads on your smartphone. 5G will bring strategic and tactical advantages for your government operation. But how do you get there? Join this 60-minute session to learn an overview of the U.S. federal government opportunity from 5G; the Nokia Bell Labs Future X architecture; securing 5G for defense networks and more! In this informative session led by leading experts from Nokia and Nokia Bell Labs, learn about high-potential government use cases, and see how you can take advantage of the new 5G opportunity starting today.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by ServiceNow: Simplify Innovation and Readiness for the Warfighter

Digital transformation, like military innovation, often comes with the perception of a monumental technological leap attached to a billion-dollar price tag. All of these billion-dollar costs are point solutions to enhance our greatest warfighting capability: Marines, Sailors, Airmen, & Soldiers. In this webinar, learn how simple digital modernizations, like digitizing the inbound and outbound duty assignment process, can save hundreds of hours per warfighter, which can be devoted to improving operator proficiency and combat readiness. Time is readiness in waiting.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by PacStar and Forcepoint: Leveraging Thin Clients and CSfC to Improve Remote & Tactical Communications Across the DoD

This webinar will introduce attendees to the fundamentals of VDI, cross domain solutions and CSfC. The webinar will cover a superior option for VDI the Multi-Level Thin Client, which provides simultaneous access to multiple classified networks from a single endpoint device. Combined with CSfC solutions, these technologies can reduce the Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) of distributed network access and enable organizations to effectively reduce partner network deployment complexity and cost.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by MFGS, Inc.: Leveraging Zero Trust to Avoid Security Assumptions

Zero trust security promises the assurance of appropriate activities across the IT ecosystem. In order to provide controls at every level, not just at the perimeter, it s crucial to have an understanding of the identity and risk context of each and every activity. To do so, security teams cannot assume trust simply by generalizing entities or activities as being good or bad. Zero trust initiatives need to begin by focusing on identity, access, and data. Join us as we cover where zero trust security practices are today and what tools can help you make this a reality.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by Acronis SCS: DoD Approved, Mission Ready Backup: How to Increase Operational Assurance for Federal Endpoints

This webinar explores the unique cyber threats facing the federal government today and why the Defense Department needs to rethink its approach to securing endpoints,particularly sensitive air-gapped environments. It will also discuss how selecting commercial off-the-shelf software from the DoDIN APL allows the U.S. military and other federal organizations to remain focused on the mission at hand by maximizing both security and interoperability.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by Red Hat: When Time Matters: The Case for Security Automation

The IT Landscape has changed and battles for network and information dominance are being played out in a cyberspace. We must be able to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from new threats quickly and accurately to ensure our networks and data continue to provide access and value. In this session, we will discuss emerging trends in automated security incident response and how security automation can be used to gather information, make configuration changes and protect the network from intrusion.