Army Communications Training Includes Doing With Less

November 18, 2015
By Robert K. Ackerman
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Connectivity is needed during a Pacific operation, but not all may be available.

The threat of operating in a degraded communications environment has the U.S. Army Pacific training to operate with less than optimum capabilities, according to its commanding general. Speaking at TechNet Asia-Pacific 2015, being held in Honolulu, November 17-19, Gen. Vincent K. Brooks, USA, addressed the conference theme of Fight to Communicate: Operating in a Communications-Degraded Environment.

The general emphasized that the U.S. Army Pacific does not train to operate without any communications. The force must have some level of communications to operate. In training, the Army tries working with only limited communications. “We take out one layer of comms in exercises, and it hurts,” he allowed.

This approach also helps prepare for dealing with coalition partners who lack the technologies that constitute advanced U.S. military communications and networking. “We must be at the cutting edge [of communications]; we must also maintain proficiency at the trailing edge,” Gen. Brooks declared.

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