DARPA Launches New Podcast Series

September 27, 2016
By Sandra Jontz
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DARPA is hearing voices. And now, so can you. The Defense Department’s renowned research arm has launched a new podcast series, Voices from DARPA.

The series will offer revealing and informative insight into the works of program managers at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, better known as DARPA. In each episode, a program manager from one of the agency’s six technical offices—Biological Technologies, Defense Sciences, Information Innovation, Microsystems Technology, Strategic Technology and Tactical Technology—will discuss in informal and personal terms why they work at DARPA and what they are up to, according to an agency statement.

“The goal of the series is to share with listeners some of the institutional know-how, vision, process and history that together make the ‘secret sauce’ DARPA has been adding to the nation’s innovation ecosystem for nearly 60 years,” the statement reads. “On another level, we at DARPA just wanted to share the pleasure we all have every day—in the elevator, in the halls, in our meeting rooms—as we learn from each other and swap ideas and strive to change what’s possible.

The premiere 14-minute, 20-second episode, titled “Molecule Man” and featuring program manager Tyler McQuade of the Defense Sciences Office, is available on SoundCloud and YouTube.

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