DOD Small Business Office Offers Mentor-Protege Training

April 11, 2016
By Katie Helwig

The Department of Defense Office of Small Business Programs is hosting a four-day training program to educate, inform and match small and large business mentors with small business proteges.

The event takes place May 31-June 3 at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel in Atlanta. Registration is $500 for mentors and $250 for all others, including proteges, government agencies, academia, panelists and speakers.

The Defense Department is revamping its mentor-protege program to better match big and small business relationships so those partnerships better meet military needs.

An overview of the program states that breakout sessions will offer information from representatives from the Air Force, Navy, Army, Missile Defense Agency and intelligence community. Training breakout sessions will discuss legal perspectives, contracting tips and tricks and reporting and training requirements.

Interspersed throughout the event are networking sessions to help foster business relationships and discuss partnering opportunities.

If you have a small business and have been trying to make your mark in the federal market space, this Defense Department program is certainly worth consideration.

Katie Helwig is manager of small business programs at AFCEA International.

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