Network Tools Improve Competitive Options

April 20, 2017

Organizations today must deal with an avalanche of big data and the advanced computing requirements that are driven by so much data. To cover the accelerated speeds and throughput needs they increasingly face, their information systems require increased network speeds and upgrades as well as improved security and monitoring tools.

Organizations expect end-to end views of each critical packet to maximize the investment in their security and monitoring tools. However, even though the visibility is important to companies, 47 percent of organizations are not using the tools they already have, and 25 percent of tools are overloaded and dropping packets, according to a recent report by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). One solution is to insert a network packet broker (NPB) into inline security solutions or in front of tools to filter, load balance and distribute traffic better. This technology continues to evolve, addressing increasing customer requirements and the needed solutions.

Customer patent-protected engines and functionality, which results in NPB performance advantages and usability, lead to business benefits and ultimately to a competitive edge.

Find out ways to avoid network blind spots and how to identify NPB features that result in reduced performance and dropped packets and also review findings by The Tolly Group on the major NPB competitors in a technology and solution report by ixia. Click here for the report.

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