• In late October, companies will have the opportunity to present cyber solutions to the U.S. Defense Department's Rapid Reaction Technology Office.
     In late October, companies will have the opportunity to present cyber solutions to the U.S. Defense Department's Rapid Reaction Technology Office.

Rapid Reaction Technology Office Seeks Cyber Solutions

The Cyber Edge
July 13, 2017

The Defense Department office will hold a solutions meeting with industry.

The U.S. Defense Department’s Rapid Reaction Technology Office (RRTO) will conduct a solutions meeting in late October in McLean, Virginia, according to a recent announcement posted on the FedBizOpps website. Companies will provide short technical presentations to government representatives about their technologies and products with the potential to be selected for pilot projects or experimentation if the technology appears to match the department's cyber needs.

The RRTO is interested in:

 Autonomous Cyber Defense
  • Artificial intelligence/machine learning
     o Adaptive defenses and self-securing systems
     o Real-time blocking
     o Vulnerability enumeration
     o Autonomic cyber resilience
  • Cueing and orchestration of defenses and remediation
  • Automated obfuscation, deception, resource reallocation
  • Continuous monitoring from bus to user level
  • Configuration tools for cyberspace operations

Cyber Situational Awareness/Planning/Decision Support
  • Risk assessment, planning and course of action support
  • Visibility of missions, systems and adversaries
     o Human understandable cyber situational awareness
     o Internal and external network visibility
     o Consequence/outcome analysis
  • Automated mission mapping to infrastructure
  • Threat reporting
  • Identification and attribution of network activity of users and devices
  • Distributed collaboration tools for cyber defenders
  • Advanced analytics/data science/big data for cyber
     o Federated data sources/analytic environments
     o Correlation, integration and fusion of disparate data sources
     o Interoperable analytic platforms
     o Isolated, edge and low bandwidth/computing environments

 Cybersecurity for Infrastructure, Endpoints and Edge Devices
  • Rapidly deployable tools
     o Network mapping/awareness
     o Discovery, response and eradication of attacks
     o Analysis for computing and bandwidth constrained environments
  • Device and software anonymization
  • Sandboxing, containerization and restoration to known good states
  • Secure browser technology
  • Securing hard to patch infrastructure and legacy systems
  • Anti-credential harvesting
  • Advanced threat identification

Control Systems/Internet of Things (IoT) Security
  • Manage, monitor, detect and alert abnormal behaviors
     o Integration with larger security management ecosystem
     o Patch management and validation
     o Automated identification of devices and protocols
     o IP to physical layer
     o Across multiple protocols
  • Control system risk profiles management
  • Vehicle (aviation, ground, marine) networks and controllers
  • Anti-tamper/resiliency mechanisms

Hardware and Software Assurance
  • Scalable, intelligent code/software analysis and repair
  • Embedded SW/firmware
  • Anti-tamper/anti-counterfeit/trusted and assured computing
  • HW vulnerability mitigation
  • Secure/verifiable design with split/third party manufacturing
  • Non-destructive reverse engineering
  • Trusted partitioning in low power devices
  • HW authentication, root of trust, encryption for SoC

Companies interested in participating in the solutions meeting should submit an application to RRTO Innovation via e-mail to osd.pentagon.ousd-atl.mbx.rrto-innovation@mail.mil.

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