Sluggish Apps Foil and Frustrate Federal Employees, Study Reveals

December 13, 2016

Riverbed Technology survey finds 98% say bad apps negatively impact productivity.

Federal employees are frustrated by slow and unreliable applications, a quandary they say impedes them from getting their work done and diminishes confidence in information technology modernization efforts, according to survey results released today by Riverbed Technology, an application performance company.

Of the 335 federal employees surveyed, nearly a third said it takes more than 24 hours for agency IT managers to address application failures, despite clear processes in place to report problems.

“It’s not acceptable for consumer applications to be down in the private sector, and it shouldn’t be in government,” Davis Johnson, vice president of Riverbed Technology’s public sector, says in a statement. “However, we’re finding many federal agencies don’t have the visibility tools they need to quickly solve trouble areas before they cause application performance issues. What’s needed to prevent performance issues from spoiling the promise of federal IT modernization and digital transformation is better end-to-end application and network visibility.”

Technological advances created bandwidth-intensive applications tasked with delivering more services more quickly, which strains agency network resources. As such, 98 percent of the respondents, which included defense and civilian employees at middle and upper levels of seniority, reported that latency issues negatively impact agency productivity.

Agencies require better application visibility so they can address performance issues resulting from real-world agency IT dependencies, according to a company statement. Additionally, nearly 25 percent said they were frustrated by agency application woes multiple times a day, and 50 percent want improved app responsiveness.

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