University’s Institute for Cybersecurity to Build Cyber Range

The Cyber Edge
July 21, 2017

New facility set to open later this year.

Officials with the Institute for Cybersecurity at Regent University recently announced the school is building a state-of-the-art cyber range training facility at its Virginia Beach campus. The Regent Cyber Range will open o during the fourth quarter of this year and will offer hands-on training programs for enterprises, consultancies, government and military organizations.

The new facility may be the only cyber range at a private university, Regent officials said in a written announcement. Regent will utilize the Cyberbit Range platform created by Cyberbit Ltd. It offers a realistic training experience during which trainees are exposed to various attack scenarios and security breaches to improve their hands-on skills. The range can simulate large-scale virtual networks and attacks based on real-world incidents. It also can also pinpoint system vulnerabilities and help users develop countermeasures and improved protocols for dealing with cyber attacks on critical network systems. The platform offers numerous security tools and systems, including risk assessment tools, monitoring systems, security information and event management systems, forensic tools, and supporting databases, as well as other network, security and cyber components, according to the Regent announcement.

Currently, Regent University offers a Master of Science in cybersecurity, as well as undergraduate degrees in information systems technology, computer science, cyber and digital forensics and cybersecurity.

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