U.S. Army Awards Third Generation FLIR Contracts

March 18, 2016

The U.S. Army Project Manager for Terrestrial Sensors (PM TS) has awarded contracts to Raytheon Company and DRS Technologies for the engineering and manufacturing development phase of the Third Generation Forward Looking Infrared (3GEN FLIR). The system will provide common components (the B-Kit) that will be integrated into combat vehicle sights for reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition and will permit the sensor operator to detect, recognize and identify enemy targets with increased clarity and at significantly longer ranges.

Common components include high-definition dual band (mid-wave infrared/long-wave infrared) focal plane array, Dewar cooler bench, optics and electronics needed to convert thermal radiation into video images. The 3GEN FLIR will replace 2GEN FLIR components, starting with those in the Abrams tank and the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and may expand to include a 3GEN FLIR upgrade to the Long Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System and other current or future ground or aviation sensor systems.   

The EMD contract provides for 96 B-Kits if all options are exercised with a total contract value of $154,373,942 for all contracts awarded.

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