Yesterday's Future is Here Today: Now, What About Tomorrow?

October 21, 2015
By Sandra Jontz
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Even the White House joined the fray to celebrate Back to the Future Day.

But be warned, the endeavor can be time consuming and today's a working day, after all. 

All day Wednesday, the White House blog hosted a series of conversations with scientists and innovators as administration staffers (some boasting a witty sense of humor) solicited input on what the nation thinks the future will look like in 30 years, capitalizing on the fact that October 21, 2015, marked the date in which Marty McFly traveled into the "future" in the movie Back to the Future Part II released 30 years ago.

Here’s what some of the participants predicted the future has in store for us: autonomous vehicles, understanding the human brain, 3-D printing and, well—time travel.

The site also posts a message from McFly portrayer Michael J. Fox.

“So what’s possible in another 30 years? Call me an optimist, but I believe that by 2045 we’ll find the cures we seek—especially because of all the smart, passionate people working to make it happen,” Fox writes. “Doctors and researchers around the world are developing new tools to improve the diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases, to tailor treatments—for all illnesses—through precision medicine, and to make life better for millions of people. This truly is the stuff of the future.”

Enjoy the banter and submissions.

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