Advertisers FAQ

Information for Advertisers

  • All advertising material should conform to the specifications below. Digital submissions must include a color proof and the digital advertising checklist.
  • Submit all advertising material through our ad portal at (www is not included in the address). You must create an account before uploading the ad file -- simply click on the gold "Create Your Account" button. After login click on the "Submit A New Ad" link if submitting a pdf or click on the "Submit Native Ad Materials" if submitting EPS, TIFF, or JPEG files. 
  • Additional instructions can be found on the navigation menu on the left or here .

Digital Ad Specifications

  • Preferred file format is PDF X/1A:2001
  • Files should be created with the specification guidelines outlined in the "PDF Creation Help" section on the ad portal. Downloadable Distiller Job Options are availbale if using this program to convert files.
  • Important: Elements must be CMYK, Grayscale, or Black Monotone. Pantone, RGB, index and Lab colors will be converted to CMYK. Spot color that is not CMYK will be converted. PMS and fifth colors not processed. File errors occur when ads are not created to size, use non-Adobe non-embedded fonts or use non-CMYK color. Files should not contain ICC profiles or OPI information. Transparancies should be flattened.
  • Fonts should be TrueType.

After submission of the ad file, user will receive a preflight report and a low-res pdf of the ad file via email. Please check the preflight report for any errors and compare the low-res pdf against the submitted hi-res pdf. Errors or warnings that should be investigated are transparancies (make sure there is no block of color that didn't flatten; fonts (Composite fonts will be best matched with TrueType fonts) make sure this match is appropriate; and low resolution. If corrections need to be made to the file, please resubmit the new file through the adportal using the "Submit a Revised Ad" link. Another preflight report and low-res file will be sent to check that the corrections.


If you have any problems or questions, please contact:

Jennifer Deuterman
Director of Advertising
SIGNAL Magazine
telephone: 703-631-6181