AFCEA Personality Profile: Johnnie Young

June 15, 2012
By Rachel Eisenhower, SIGNAL Connections

Called a “rare gem” by a fellow member of the Atlanta Chapter, Johnnie Young tirelessly juggles his career and volunteer responsibilities. But it’s the silent moments Young makes time for each day that truly allow him to reflect on and be grateful for everything in his life.

Young currently works as director of distributed server services, Technology Solutions Services Division, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. His team manages the day-to-day operation and support of central servers that host customer business applications. While his job comprises many responsibilities, Young’s favorite aspect is dealing with people and change in an ever-evolving information technology environment. “I enjoy the gratification achieved from using technology to resolve issues and thereby add value to customers’ businesses,” he explains.

In addition, Young is an active AFCEA member. He became involved with the association in 1978 while on active duty in the U.S. Army. “I would see the term AFCEA on what appeared to be official documents, and I would overhear senior signal officers and NCOs talk about AFCEA—the benefits it provided and the gaps it bridged,” he notes. “I actually thought it was a major command within the Army.” Finally, during a membership campaign, he took the opportunity to join.

Today, he serves the Atlanta Chapter as treasurer and sets the budget each year. In addition, he participates in the annual Tactical C4 Conference; supports the biannual golf tournaments; bolsters the scholarship program, science fair awards, Science Teaching Tools grants and an emerging science program; and supports and mentors Young AFCEANs.

Young’s leadership helped the chapter endure financially following the movement of the U.S. Army Forces Command. He played a crucial role in raising nearly $85,000 during 2010 and setting aside more than $97,000 in reserve for the chapter’s future. He did this while managing the funds to ensure donations of $4,000 to the AFCEA International Educational Foundation, $12,500 in undergraduate scholarships, $750 for an undergraduate AFCEA award, $14,000 in Science Teaching Tools grants, $4,500 in science fair awards and $8,000 for emerging science programs.

Of all his time with AFCEA, Young cites a three-day symposium on command, control and communications in Fort Huachuca, Arizona, as his favorite memory. “I was in awe of the knowledge, professionalism and wisdom being presented. It obviously made a lasting impression.”

Young also draws inspiration from the wisdom of his pastor, who he names as the most influential mentor in his life. “The mentoring I receive provides spiritual development and enables me to successfully and gratefully serve my family and community.” And no matter how full his schedule gets serving those around him, Young always seeks out a quiet moment. “Silence is golden. I seek and cherish daily moments alone to reflect on all that I have been given.”
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