Army Report on Enterprise Email Due Soon

March 28, 2012
By George Seffers

Mike Krieger, deputy chief information officer for the U.S. Army, told the audience at TechNet Land Forces Southwest 2012 on Wednesday that he had hoped to provide them with the URL for the Army's report to Congress concerning Enterprise Email.

Congress had asked the Army to review the Enterprise Email approach to "see if it is the right thing to do." The report has to be approved by the secretary of the Army, but it has not quite reached his desk as of March 28. Krieger said he hopes to be able to provide the report very soon.

Enterprise Email is less about email and more about information technology management business practices, he added, touting the benefits of the approach. "Migrating to Enterprise Email has always been about improving the business processes to deliver a capability to the customer." He conceded that the service and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) have a long way to go, but he said both organizations now are stronger.

He also reported a couple of firsts. For the first time, the Army is using the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) database, which is used for health care as a global address list. "That's incredibly powerful." Users can update their personal information, such as contact information, and it will be updated in the database within 24 hours.

He admitted to being embarrassed that he could never accurately answer how many BlackBerrys the Army uses, but he said that when the migration to Enterprise Email is complete in March 2013, he will be able to accurately answer that question.

He added that BlackBerry devices now are more effective than before because of the DISA email system, he said. "Before Enterprise Email, the BlackBerry was an email only device, and all those other icons didn't work. When we went to DISA email, my first shock was that all of a sudden the other icons worked again," he said.

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