Army Research Laboratory Opens Campus to Outside Researchers

May 2, 2014
George I. Seffers
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The U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) will open spaces on its campus for local researchers from academia, industry and other government agencies to foster in-person interactions for deeper insight into the service’s technological challenges.

Local academic and industry partners conducting research in materials, electronics and intelligent systems may occupy portions of the ARL at the Adelphi Laboratory Center as early as this year. In preparation for Open Campus, the Corporate Information Office is in its first phase of developing a toolkit with information technology (IT) tools that collaborators can use to share information easily, says Dr. John Pellegrino, the ARL’s chief information officer and director of the Computational and Information Sciences Directorate. The first IT-enabling components include high-definition video teleconferencing; the addition of tablets, applications like Cisco’s Jabber Communications and software like RedMine and SharePoint; and expanded wireless capability.


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