The Bottom Line: What’s Your Bottom Line?

July 15, 2013
By Maryann Lawlor
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During the almost two-year tenure of this column, the topics have ranged from cellphones to sequestration and conference cancellations to congressional conclaves. Some have been water cooler topics, others petty pet peeves and still others a serious look at somber subjects.

Although the column has been discussed online, liked on SIGNAL’s Facebook page, and shared through LinkedIn and Twitter, the subject matter has always been presented from a journalist’s viewpoint. But now it’s time for readers to chime in and participate.

Social media gives participants the opportunity to express themselves and to hear other people discuss or comment on what they have to say … even if those who speak up don’t agree with what they posted or don’t like what they shared.

So now it’s your turn. What’s your bottom line? What are your best suggestions about how to work with government agencies? How would you fix the federal government? What bugs you about technology? What’s missing in events, panel discussions, webinars or the media? How do you feel about the job that information security, homeland defense or the intelligence community is doing? What gets your dander up?

The bottom line is that the Internet and social media aren’t platforms for discussion unless those who use them actually, well, “talk” to each other and literally the world. Writing a column or publishing a blog or posting on Facebook is all well and good, but it’s all very one-sided in an era that demands dialog. And the discourse only improves when three or four or 20 people come out from the e-shadows and offer their own opinions, experiences and different points of view. To start this conversation, tell us what one topic would you like to see written about in a future Bottom Line column and why? What makes the issue so important to you and why should others care?

One of the first topics of this column was titled “Technology is Not Communication.” So now, take advantage of your freedom of speech and the platform that technology gives you. What’s your bottom line?

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