Ciena Teacher Grant in Action

August 1, 2021

The AFCEA Educational Foundation was thrilled to receive photos highlighting how Melissa Blair Tracy, Odyssey Charter School, Wilmington, Delaware, used her Ciena Teacher Grant to promote STEM learning.

Tracy used her grant to purchase a Lettuce Grow Farm Stand, a vertical, self-watering, self-fertilizing, indoor hydroponic garden tower, for the school’s Girls Grow Greens club. The girls grew lettuce, donated around 40 pounds of produce and used some of it to make a fresh salad at the end of the school year. “Thank you for supporting this project,” Tracy said.

“Girls Grow Greens provides students with an empowering and hands-on learning opportunity to be authentic STEM agents of change in our community,” she said. “We must encourage the next generation of female students to pursue STEM careers for a more just world. It starts by providing meaningful opportunities in the classroom,” added Tracy.

Find out more about Girls Grow Greens and how to start a program in your area at

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