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I must commend DISA leadership on one of the best strategic plans coming out of DOD in years. Tony has it right with regard to changing a focus from developing IT to one of acquiring IT capabilities. This is a huge shift that DoD has struggled with since the signing of the Clinger Cohen Act in 96. Commercial IT is a $3.8 trillion dollar market, with DoD representing less than 2%. This means that DISA will need to find better ways of reaching into the commercial innovators who are outside the reach of the Defense Industrial Base of suppliers. DISA will also need to help Frank Kendall embrace Agile Acquisition which was directed in the 2010 NDAA Section 804. Clearly, both Congress and the DSB sought to end years of modifications to JCIDS, DODAF and DOD5000. Hopefully it is clear that no matter how many times to you try to modify a horse, it will never be a car as Henry Ford suggested.

I believe more agencies will embrace DISA's future roll as THE enterprise solution provider once it proves it has embraced Acquisition Agility and Decision Transparency, including the willingness to embrace Open Systems vs a vendor monopoly.

DISA has the right leadership to drive economies of scale once some of these barriers are removed.

Good luck General Hawkins.... You got your work cut out for you.