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Sir, Good Afternoon, I am Henry A. Martinez USN communications officer and I would like to thank you about your article!! I am doing some research in how to provide communications in a denied environment (Jamming) or how to provide communications to the War Fighter without SATCOM (SAVE COST). I was looking at various solutions, HF which it is still expensive to maintain, Laser retransmission via Fiber Optic Relay stations with Simultaneous rekey capabilities and covert them to a digital signals or provide same information on various frequencies. How do you see us (United States Department of Defense) achieving this goal, and how do you see DOD communicating in 2050? I have received many answers, such as deploying more Satcom Payloads and others say to lease more commercial assets. What about using the current Global Fiber Optic Network and improve its capabilities so we can deter from using SATCOM?
Any Information would be greatly appreciated.
Henry A. Martinez