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Does industry really need to spend money to support/attend conferences to learn that the government has less money to spend with industry as I heard at WEST the last week of January? Also there is the considerable growth of industry/government conferences that even before the GSA debacle in Las Vegas and current budget cuts had government and industry executives talking about "conference fatigue." Then there is the open question about the value of the conference model were people travel to some site that can host a few 1000 attendees and people mill around exhibition floors and sit in large ball rooms listening to presentations. I don't see the next generation of government or industry leaders being very interested in attending this industrial age type of conference deep into the online everythings connected information age with mobile social media. My view is the conferences that survive this current downturn are the ones that have sufficien value for both industry and government and will continue - - - - but not necessarily based on physical presence. joemaz