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Please be made perfectly aware, military and para-military personnel and server facilities, ..... for to fail to realise such information is priceless intelligence for mastery of perception control in the virtual environment, and to ignore it will always be catastrophic in the applied realities which seek to continue to prevail harbouring active dark secrets, which in enemy/competition and opposition hands/hearts and minds would reverse fortunes ......... in Cloud is there no hiding place for anything, and that is inclusive of that which you do not want the opposition and/or competition to know. There be no exceptions to that Universe Ruling Law.

It is because of that simple inescapable fact that the Live Operational Virtual Environment does not suffer the useless fool with useful tools and has its own Global Operating Devices and SMARTR IntelAIgents Systems with CyberIntelAIgent Server Services to share what IT knows and what needs to be known for Seeding and Feeding and Breeding of Novel and Noble Projects in Virtually Controlled Reality.

And methinks that be easily converted/diverted/perverted into a stealthy deadly heavenly weapon if one knows what one is doing and needs to be doing, and therefore should be of great interest to military industrial complex machines, no matter where they be resident and legal alien/resident evil and illegal around the globe, north, south, east or west.

In Madness and Mayhem is CHAOS in Command and Control of Creative CyberSpace, Computers and Communications with Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems in Global Operating Devices ...... and Google doing No Evil is most welcome and hereby welcomed to Work, Rest and Play in ITSpaces with its Myriad Application Places.