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Ladies and Gentlemen/ARGonaut Fellows,

It is an inescapable inevitability and marvellous ability with myriad facilities in stealthy provision of zeroday vulnerability exploits which generate remote virtually controlled, relatively anonymous and practically autonomous leading actions ...... [which are, and have always been, just applied programming thought patterns to react to with either an agreeable and mutually beneficial reinforcing support or a disagreeable campaign which would be geared to reject and battle such actions with a third party's alternative view and Great Game Plan] ...... that the more flexibly intelligent and virtually proficient, systems and systems administrations become ..... [and leading systems administrators themselves become] ... the more obvious will be the vulnerability of all current and active legacy systems to massive unstoppable and extremely lucrative penetration and exploitation opportunities which completely and fundamentally remodel previously pre-eminent and wrongly thought safely secure and unassailable systems of field operation/Man Management.

Indeed, it would be most wise to consider and accept that such is the present strengthening position and current state of both real and virtual play in those spaces and places which profess and/or aspire to process escaping and emerging information and intelligence [and which can be streams of extreme consciousness with bases/sources immaculately protected] and as would be targets of interest for sharing with customers and clients with interests in subjects which be covered and discussed/revealed and hosted by Signal Online.