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I came upon this article when reading the Nov 2013 Signal Magazine. Catching up on some professional reading. I went through the Lt's article and these are the very same things we discussed at AFIT in 2005/2006, and on the AF CIO staff from 2006 - 2009 when the foundation for the cyber career field was being developed and the AFNetOps construct was being planned and stood up. Two things: 1) BL: we still need to fully define Cyber before we press forward with professional development concepts. You can gain a lot of insight into this if you study the early 2000 Space arena studies and stand up of their professional development program; and 2) we saw the issues is designating all former 33S officers as 17D officers and the future lack of focus on the core 33S functions to maintain MAJCOM and base-level communications proficiencies. And, with the lack of Cyber understanding and the AFIT Cyber Training in its infancy at that time...we thought putting all "the eggs in one basket" was a poor idea. However, the hallowing of the 33S force through PBD 720 cuts, functional FOA realignment, and the AFNetOps 33S re-alignment did not afford us any favors in fully grasping the magnitude of transitioning all 33S officers to the 17D officer career field. You might be able to glean some insight into my thoughts circa 2006 from my AFIT Communications Officer Professional Development Research Project on a potential way forward on concentrating on KSAs and key alignment to mission requirements like Cyber and Communications. -- Brian Jenrette