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Interesting read!

I am a retired Chief and former PACAF Assistant career field manager; I was brought in to attend the UT&W in 2007 when we were coming up with really cool badges to wear and to add glits and glamor to the cyber career fields. Unfortunately, that's all we did. I argued to add the appropriate career fields in large numbers (that have the "aptitude") into cyber and get them into training ASAP. Instead, the AF claimed that the cyber career field was operational and only officers and a selected few "special" enlisted personnel would be the first cadre in this career field. I also argued that network defense is simply a different part of what was already the 3C2 and 3C0 career fields at the time but different aspects of the job. So, I lost that battle and the AF sent a very small cadre of enlisted folks and officers (of which only a handful does cyber) into the career field. Fast forward to 2016 and we are now hustling to the train/flip career fields like 3D0's and 3D1's into 1B4's....Meanwhile, retired and now working at DISA, Navy CPT's are dominating the cyber terrain while the AF has a select few "experts". The Navy CPT folks I know are being trained on the job but have the funding and DOD backing for simply putting their folks in a position to get in the game. Someone needs to say this; the AF needs to get off its high horse and get in the darn game! Pretty soon we will loose relevancy!